Organic Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers

Sanskar Powder

100% Organic NPK Fertilizer

We at Geolife are introducing first time in the world Organic Water Soluble NPK fertilizer with high % of NPK which can replace chemical fertilizer completely.

Source : Microbial Derivative

Note : There are NO LIVING MICROBES in the end product.

Available NPK grades :

Note : Since NPK are extracted from natural source, in single and double nutrient grades there is probability of getting other nutrients up to 3℅. For example in 00:00:20, N and P can be present in the range of 1-3%. Likewise in case of the 20:10:00, K can be present in the range of 1-3%.

Sanskar WSF vs Chemical WSF (on petriplates)

The above are ready formulation however, we can also make customised NPK formulation as per the below grade combination :

Three grades 40%
Two grades 30%
One grades 20%

Note : As nutrients are derived from natural sources, there is a chance of little difference in nutrient content of each batch. However, we guarantee minimum content of NPK which are mentioned in above grades.

Comparison of Chemical WSF vs Sanskar WSF
Particulars Chemical Water Soluble Fertilizer Sanskar – Organic Water Soluble Fertilizer
Production Method It is sourced from Petroleum/Mining. It is First time in the world that NPK is produced by using Microbial derivative.
Nature Inorganic/Chemical. 100% Organic in Nature.
Organic Carbon Does not contain organic carbon or no such bond found. Sanskar contains organic carbon. NPK Molecules are bound to carbon molecules making it more bio available.
Heavy Metals Traces of heavy metals can be found Free from heavy metals
pH pH is alkaline and affects Soil and ultimately the plants. pH is in Neutral range.
Slow Release By default no such slow release from source of Fertilizer. It loses its effect within a short time. Instant performance and long term results. Since Macro Nutrients (NPK) are bound to carbon atom, the slow release of product can be achieved which makes difference in plant's absorption ratio.
Anti Oxidants Doesn't have antioxidants. Sanskar contains natural antioxidants properties which develops immunity in plants to fight against Biotic & Abiotic stress.
Bio Availability Chemical fertilizer is wasted by way of Leaching, Volatization, Fixation & Immobilisation in soil. Macro (NPK) Nutrients are in Bio Available form. So, there is no dependence on conversion to Bio available form. It increases the uptake ratio.
Trace elements Naturally, they are not part of the product. Naturally, Micro nutrients and other natural element are present in this product.
Micro Flora Repeated use of fertilizer is harmful for Micro Flora as it destroys and decreases the soil fertility. Sanskar helps in building and nourishing microbial population (Micro Flora) in the soil which is key to increase strength of soil and organic matter content thereby increasing soil fertility.
Compatibility with Microbial fertilizers Not compatible with Microbial bio fertilizers. Microbial bio fertilizer can be used with Sanskar.
Type Hygroscopic powder or granules Amorphous Powder or Viscous Liquid
Environment friendly Pollutant and degrades the soil. Non Pollutant production. Does not make contamination/ Degradation of soil.
Soil Texture and Structure It creates residual effect on soil texture, structure and soil biology. Sanskar improves organic carbon percentage in soil, Rhizosphere and over all soil health.
Nutrient Value It decreases nutrient value of farm produce and leaves chemical residues on farm produce. Sanskar substantially improves nutrient value and quality of farm produce and there will be no residual effect on farm produce.
Shelf Life of crops Shelf life of cereal and horticultural farm produce is minimal. Shelf life of all agricultural and horticultural produce improves substantially.
Produce Quality There is no guarantee of improving color, flavor, aroma and uniform shape of farm produce. Sanskar substantially improves color, flavor, aroma and provides uniform shape for the produce which fetches high remunerative prices.
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