Tabsil (High % Ortho Silicic Acid Effervescent Tablets)


Benefits of Tabsil :

  • An innovative product powered by nano technology with highest percentage of Ortho Silicic Acid which works very effectively on building disease resistance power.
  • These tabs supply essential silica in the form of Ortho Silicic Acid, readily available for the plant.
  • Tabsil is water soluble Ortho Silicic Acid which is easily absorbed by the plant.
  • Tabsil imparts resistance to diseases and insect.
  • Tabsil prevents lodging by strengthening the plant.
  • Tabsil interacts positively when applied with major & trace elements improving their agronomic performance and efficiency.
  • Tabsil also enhances the plants’ ability to resist or tolerate biotic stress such as attack of insect pests and fungal attacks.
  • Recommend to spray along with insecticide/fungicide to increase their performance.
  • Tabsil can help alleviate abiotic stresses due to acidity, salinity and toxicities.
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