Vigore Fruit Size Enhancer

Natural Cab

Nano Technology High Calcium Boron

  • It is a new combination of concentrated Calcium and Boron in high percentage.
  • It is an advanced nano technology product to improve fruit quality.
  • It plays a major role during pollination, for pollen tube formation and promotes fertilization of flowers.
  • It prevents cracking and rotting of fruits.
  • It helps in development of new shoots and flowers
  • It plays a key role in cell wall formation.
  • It is compatible with most insecticides, pesticides & nutrients.

Dosage : 50gm for 150-200 litres water

Application Method

Crop Stage Dilution Application
Vegetable, Fruits,Cereals and Pulses At fruit/pod/grain development stage 1 : 4000 Foliar application
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