Nano Stim (AI)

Innovative Multi-Functional Biostimulant

Nano Stim (AI)

Vitamin based Biostimulant

  • Nano Stim improves efficacy of Bio-Fertilizer, Water Soluble Fertilizer, Micronutrients, Growth Promoter & Biostimulant.
  • The vitamin B6 plays an exceptional role in Nitrogen Metabolism & accelerates the growth rate of plants and results in higher yield.
  • Stimulates excellent growth in new root and shoot development.
  • A potent antioxidant with the ability to quench reactive oxygen species & helps to protect the plants from abiotic stresses.

Dosage :
Foliar: 2gm per acre (5gm/ha) to make / add in different formulations or Stand alone
Soil Application : 4-5gm/acre (10-12.5gm per ha)

  • Nano Stim can also be customized in three formulations i.e. Nano Stim Premium, Nano Stim Gold, Nano Stim Platinum

*Dosage can be customized as per your requirement.

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