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  • POWERSTIM is a combination of bio extracts of different lactic acid producing microbes and other plant growth promoting molecules.
  • POWERSTIM is a unique biostimulant which helps in complete utilization of all biochemicals and physiological reserves of the plants.
  • POWERSTIM is a unique formulation helps in increasing the quality and also quantity of the yield.
  • POWERSTIM is 100% bio organic product
  • POWERSTIM gives balanced composition of plant growth promoters Powerstim is highly effective at low concentrations.

Benefits of Powerstim :

  • Increases plant biomass, which enhances nutrient uptake and crop establishment.
  • Boosts yield by enhancing shoot, leaf growth and flowering& reduced flower drop
  • Improved plant health and improved ability to deal with environmental stresses
  • Promotes sustainable crop production.
  • Improved phosphate availability for the plants.
  • Improves size and luster of the fruit.
  • Enhances shelf life of the produce.
  • Found to increase the TSS in the fruits.

Dosage : 0.5-1ml/litre of water

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