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Bio - Miticide

  • OFFMITE a bio-insecticide recommended for management of mites. Phytophagous mites pose a great threat in crop production causing economical yield losses.
  • OFFMITE being an organic product, enhances plant immunity with an environment friendly approach to increase crop production and development in sustainable agriculture.
  • OFFMITE is an organic / biological product. It does not create resistance, resurgence and residues problem.
  • OFFMITE does not affect the natural enemies and other beneficial microflora in the soil, offers a long lasting control.
  • OFFMITE suits as a component in IPM programme and thereby helps to reduce the pesticide load and in perennial crops, multiple applications are recommended.

Mode of Action :

  • OFFMITE consists of various microbial extracts belonging to streptomycetaceae and Bacillaceae with multiple modes of action. It damages cuticle of the acarids resulting leaking of heamolymph. They also reduce reproductive potential and induce mortality of acarids.
  • OFFMITE recommended on wide range of arable crops including cereals, oilseeds, Vegetables, Fruit crops and horticultural crops.

Dose and Method of Application :

  • Foliar applications: Offmite to be mixed @ 3-5 ml/l of clean water for use in foliar sprays.
  • Apply using a sprayer fitted with a nozzle that produces a fine mist.
  • Focus the spray direction towards the lower surface of leaves to achieve better contact with the pest.
  • Apply sufficient solution to cover the affected area.
  • Make two consecutive applications and apply at early stage.
  • Always use an adjuvant to maximize coverage of the product.
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