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Against Plant Fungus

  • MYLLER is a unique research product constituted by the microbial extracts.
  • MYLLER is specially designed for the control of oomycetous pathogens viz., Downy mildews, Pythium diseases and phytophthora diseases. It is a protectant and curative100% organic bio-fungicide.
  • These microbial biomolecules enhances nutrient assimilation in the plants and boost the growth of plants apart from other PGR's.

Mode of Action :

MYLLER suppresses sporangium germination and mycelial development by various biomolecules secreted by the Bacillus sp. The Microbial extracts, disrupts germ tube growth and interferes in attachment of pathogen to the plant, thereby inhibiting the penetration of pathogens into the host system. Additionally they induce disease resistance in the plants to combat the pathogen attack. The unique and multiple molecules in the product dismantle resistance development by oomycetous pathogens.

Recommended for : Downy mildews (Plasmapara spp., Perenospora spp., Sclerospora spp., Pseudoperenospora spp.,Scleropthera spp., Perenosclerosporaspp) Die Back, root rot, damping off, Late blight , Fruit rot caused by Pythium spp. And Phytophthora spp.Moderate Suppression of fungal wilts caused by Fusarium spp.,

When to use : For best results, treat prior to disease development or at the first sign of disease infection. Repeat at 7-day intervals or as needed. When environmental conditions favor rapid disease development (high humidity, excessive rain, extreme moisture condition, etc.), spray more oŌen.

Dosage : 3-5 ml/l of water

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