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Bio-Insecticide for Plant Hopper

  • HOPSTOP is a unique bio-insecticide product constituted of microbial extracts with selective strains of naturally occurring microbes.
  • HOPSTOP a bio-insecticide recommended for management of plant hoppers viz.,brown plant hopper, green plant hoppers and other plant hoppers. Brown plant hopper in paddy is a major menace causing economical yield losses.

Mode of Action :

HOPSTOP consists of various microbial extracts belonging to streptomycetaceae with multiple modes of action. It repels, reduce reproductive potential and induce mortality of pest populations. This microbial extracts induce anti-feedant activity which leads to starvation & the enzymatic degradation damages the exoskeleton of the insects leading to mortality of insects.

HOPSTOP helps in nutritional assimilation and cell wall thickening which enhances plant resistance against pest attack.

HOPSTOP recommended on wide range of arable crops including cereals, oilseeds, Vegetables, Fruit crops and horticultural crops.

Dosage 3-5 ml/ lt of water

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