Organ (Antimicrobial Nutritional Enzyme)

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Organ (Antimicrobial Nutritional Enzyme)

  • Organ is a powerful nutritional enzyme which works against both Bacteria and Virus in plants
  • Organ additionally provides micronutrients to plant and helps in faster recovery after disease control
Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • It is an effective solution for controlling bacterial diseases
  • It targets the cell wall of bacteria and results in killing the bacteria.
  • Organ is effective for preventive and curative application
  • It shows broad spectrum approach, targeting wide range of bacterial pathogens.
Anti-Viral Properties
  • Organ protects the plant from wide range of viral diseases.
  • It prevents the spreading of viruses in the plant and promotes fresh growth.
  • Apply at 15 days inrtrval for both preventive A curative

Dosage : 50 gm/ acre (for 150-200 litre of water)
                125gm/ha (for 450-500 litre of water)

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