Sanskar Liquid

Organic Water Soluble NPK Fertilizers

Sanskar Liquid

100% Organic NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer

We at Geolife have introduced for the first time in the world, Organic Water Soluble Fertilizer with highest % of NPK which can be a complete substitute of organic manure & works better in comparison to chemical WSF.

Source : Microbial Derivative

Note : There are NO LIVING MICROBES in the end product.

Dosage :Foliar : 1 litre/acre (2.5 litre/ha)

Fertigation :Similar to recommended dosage of chemical water soluble fertilizer.

Note : Since NPK are extracted from natural source, in single and double nutrient grades there is probability of getting other nutrients up to 3c/o. For example in 00:00:20, N and P can be present in the range of 1-3%. Likewise in case of the 20:10:00, K can be present in the range of 1-3%.

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