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No Wilt

Unique Microbial Extract Consortium for Wilt control

  • No Wilt is specially designed for the management of soil borne pathogens/ wilt causing pathogens viz., Fusariumsp, Sclerotiumsp, Rhizoctoniasolanacearumetc.
  • These non-volatile antimicrobial biomolecules have broad spectrum impact on these soil borne pathogens.
  • No Wilt is effective against widest range of soil borne pathogens caused by fungal & bacterial pathogens on various crops like cereals, vegetables, fruits, flowers,tubers, pulses etc.

Mode of Action :

  • The non-volatile antifungal and antibacterial bio-molecules produced by the endophytic microbes viz., Pseudomonas sp and Streptomyces sp have fungistatic and bacteristatic properties.
  • They inhibit mycelia growth and suppress pathogen multiplication. The composition containing various biomolecules, glycoside, esters, ketones and different aldehyde compounds exhibit multivariate interactions on the pathogenic microbes viz., antagonistic properties, fungitoxic properties etc.

Dosage and Method of Application:

Soil application: Mix 5 ml of No Wilt in water and drench around the root zone or rhizosphere of the plant thoroughly.

Repeat application at 7 days interval.

When environmental conditions favor rapid disease development (High humidity, excessive rain, extreme moisture condition etc.), spray more often.

Recommended for

Fungal wilts & Rots (Fusarium sp., Sclerotium sp., Rhizoctonia sp., Pythium sp., Phytophthroa sp. etc.)

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