Microbial Extract Based Biostimulant


Microbial Extracts based Biostimulant

  • Foster is a consortia of microbial extracts developed by fermentation & chelation process.
  • It increases yield and enhances resistance level in crop by accelerating metabolic process of plants.
  • Promotes absorption of soil nutrients, fulfils deficiency of vitamins in plants & develops stronger roots therefore prevents lodging.
  • Foster increases the shelf life of produce.
  • It improves color and quality of fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Foster helps plant from drought resistance and increases stress tolerance.
  • Foster aids to stop flower drop.

Recommended crops: All kinds of Cereals, Field Crops, Fruits, Horticulture Crops, Vegetables and Nursery Plants.

Dosage : 25 ml/acre (150-200 litres of water)

Direction of use :

  • Dose per acre is determined by water requirement per acre & as per the stage of the crop.
  • Spray evenly on leaf surface. If it rains within 6 hours after spraying another spray is required.
  • It can be mixed with normal dosage of other plant nutrients, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides & sprayed.
  • It should not be mixed with copper/ sulphur containing product.
  • The effect of application last for 15 days. It should be used as additional support to fertilizer.
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