MET Based Performance Enhancer

MET Based Performance Enhancer

MET Based Performance Enhancer


MET based Performance Enhancer

  • Active is a Product’s Performance Enhancer which increases efficiency of all Agri inputs (Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Fertilizers etc.)
  • It helps to break resistance developed against pesticides.
  • Active activates the particles and mechanism of the product to make it work faster, better & long lasting.
  • Active can be used as intermediate to mix in formulation or can also be used as tank mix.
  • Active recovers plant from herbicidal & pesticidal stress.

Mode of Action

  • It works on membrane transfer mechanism by increasing permeability of the solutes.
  • It activates the Active Ingredient of the product.
  • It increases penetration of the molecules into the plant membrane & into pest cuticle

Dosage : 30 gm/acre or 75gm/Ha (tank mix)


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