Rapid Rumin


Rapid Rumin

Rapid Rumin is a unique composition that combines the goodness of natural ingredients, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, yeast and minerals.Enzyme supports in effective hydrolysis of feed containing fibers, starch, xylans, Beta glucans, protein, etc. Probiotics ensure effective gut flora and improve overall metabolism thus improving the levels of performance in milk productivity.

Availability of balanced feed is one of the major constrains in many countries, thereby forcing the industry to explore unconventional feed ingredients. The process of feed conversion into milk is complicated and is influenced by several factors like general health, nutritional status, water intake, management etc. with lower nutritive value creates stress on the metabolism process.

Enzyme usage allows effective conversion of such ingredients into a much better and absorbable nutritive form.

Advantages of Rapid Rumin:

  • Rapid Rumin provides proper mineral nutrition and supplementation essential to animal health thereby increasing milk fat and milk productivity.
  • Suppresses the anti-nutritional factors in feed and increases the nutritive value of the feed.
  • Improvement in feed conversion ratio.
  • Degrades cell walls of endosperm in feed grains and vegetable proteins in the feed.
  • Helps in hydrolysis of protein to release essential and higher content of digestible amino acids.
  • Trace minerals and probiotics improve the gut flora, and thus the body and nourish the reproductive system.
  • Higher mineral and nutritional impact
  • Improves the dietary value of feed formulas.
  • Counteracts enzyme deficiencies in animals.
  • Bacillus strains improves metabolism.
  • It enhances animal appetite, feed digestion and absorption ratio.
  • It stimulates immune system and enhances immunity.
  • It also helps to alleviate stress and enhances health.


The recommended dose rate of is 500-800g per MT of feed.

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