Leafy Vegetables

Cultivation: Leafy Vegetables : Corianders/Spinach/Thyme/ Parsley

 Stage of crop Product and Doses  Benefits 
At the time of sowing(Land preparation) Foundation 5-10 kg/acre or Ultramax 20 kg/acre with recommended NPK fertilizers Increases the white roots and improves the plant’s root system. Improves nutrient uptake from soil & their efficiency.
At vegetative stage Vigore 1 gm + Tabsil 1 gm/ liter water through spray (150-200 lit water/Acre) Improves shooting & rooting of plant. Gives vigorous growth to the plant. Faster recovery from nutrient deficiencies. Increases immunity against biotic and abiotic factors. Helps to avoid and cure disease infection. Improves photosynthesis.
Crop protection spray
Fungal Disease(10-15 day interval) Treat/Recover Nutri 0.5-1gm/lit of water for spray Effective against broad spectrum fungal disease. Develops immunity of plant. Gives vigorous growth to plant.
Viral Disease(10-15 day interval) 1st spray- No Virus 3-5 ml/ liter of water + insecticides for spray 2nd spray (after 4 days of 1st spray)- No Virus 3-5 ml+ Vigore 1 gm/lit of water Effective against all types of Viral diseases. Improves resistance against viruses. Stops virus immediately and gives fresh growth and yields.
Bacterial Disease(10-15 day interval) Geomycin 0.5-1gm/lit of water for spray Protects plant from bacterial diseases Increases resistance against them. Gives healthy growth of plants.

Note : Normal Crop practices should add in above protocol. Instead of Nano Fert use “Sanskar” water soluble organic NPK fertilizer for organic cultivation.

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