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In today's competitive world farmers are forced to use chemical fertilizers to produce an optimum yield to meet their livelihood as there is no alternative for chemical fertilizer in the market. Also available organic fertilizers in the market have their limitations in nutrition and commercial viable perspective compared to the chemical fertilizer.

So we are introducing first time in the world Organic Water Soluble NPK fertilizer with high % of NPK which can replace chemical fertilizer completely.

Source: Microbial Derivative
Note: There are NO LIVE MICROBES in the product.
Available NPK grades:
Note: Since NPK are extracted from natural sources, in single and double nutrient grades there is the probability of getting other nutrients up to 3℅. For example, in 00:00:20, N and P can be present in the range of 1-3%. Likewise, in case of the 20:10:00, K can be present in the range of 1-3%.

The above are ready formulation, however, we can also make customized NPK formulation as per the below grade combination:
Three grades < 40%
Two grades < 30%
One grade < 20%
Note: As nutrients are derived from natural sources, there is a chance of little difference in nutrient content of each batch. However, we guarantee the minimum content of NPK which are mentioned in above grades.
Foliar: 1 litre/acre (2-5ml/litre of water)
Fertigation: 5-10 litre/acre