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Organic Virucide
No-Virus is an effective anti-viral product to protect crops from all types of viral diseases.
It is a Broad Spectrum Organic Virucide which protects the plant from Virus and also improves resistance against them.
It is a combination of rare herbs which stops Virus immediately and gives fresh growth and yield
Mode of Action:
No-Virus enters the plant through the stomatal opening and is translocated into the plant system through the vascular bundles.
No-Virus on entering the effected plant cell encapsulates the viron particles.
No-Virus opens up the conductive tissues blocked by the virus particles and the plant cells starts to recover & the new leaves emerges virus free. It is effective up to 15 days after application.
3-5ml/litre of water
Application Method
Crop Disease Dilution Application
Vegetables, Fruits & Pulses Results seen on:
Chilli Leaf Curl Virus
Chilli Mosaic Virus
Capsicum – TMV
Squash Mosaic virus
Cucumber Mosaic Virus
Tomato Leaf Curl Virus
Tomato Mosaic Virus
Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus
1:200-300 Preventive: Foliar application at 10-15 days interval

Curative: First 2 sprays at 4 days interval and repeat spray at 10-15 days interval.

Note: in 2 spray add PGR or nutrients along with No-Virus