Bio Stimulants > Nano Stim
Growth promoter accelerating the growth rate of plants and resulting in higher yield.
Stimulate excellent growth in new root and shoot development.
It supports flower initiation and early fruiting.
It functions as a nutrient and vitamin for supporting the growth and protection of living cells under stress.
It is needed for chlorophyll synthesis
It helps in cellular growth and development
It maintains water equilibrium and improves cell wall strength which helps plant to overcome water stress
It has hydrolysis of proteins, starch, Synthesis of ethylene and chlorophyll.
It provides naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and also helps to intake of essential nutrients.
It acts as a catalyst and helps in solubilising phosphate.
It contains strong anti oxidant properties
It builds immunity in plants to fight infection and improves disease resistance in the plants.
It builds capacity of causing systemic resistance in plants against infection of fungal pathogens.
50ml for one acre (150-200 litres of water)