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Organic Bactericide
Geomycin is a broad spectrum organic Bactericide which is compatible with all insecticides / fungicides. It protects plant from bacterial diseases and increases resistance against them. Geomycin gives healthy growth and more resistance to plants.

Mode of Action
Geomycin acts on metabolic processes of pathogens(target organism) by creating hindrance to their usual metabolic activities which in turn slows down the metabolism rate of pathogens and inhibits their physical growth.
It improves the immune system of the plant & protects the plant from bacterial diseases and increase resistance against them.
In combination with Treat or any other fungicide it gives complete protection to plant from bacterial and fungal diseases.
It gives healthy growth with greener appearance.
Foliar spray: 0.5gm-1gm/litre of water
Application Method
Crop Disease Dilution Application
Vegetables, Fruits & pulses Bacterial leaf spot Bacterial leaf blight Canker 1:2000 Foliar application at 10-15 days interval