• Premium Range Product
    Geolife offers a superior nano technology based range of products for increasing the productivity in all crops. It increases the crop yield in both qualitative and quantitative aspects.

  • Performance Enhancer
    Geolife offers innovative products to increase performance of any Agri Input which can be used as an intermediate by the formulators or directly for tank mix by the farmers.

  • High Yield Package
    Special nutritional schedule designed for all crops based on Nutrition, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants required at different stages of crop for complete plant development and to get optimum yields. Enzymes and minerals in package ensures highest yields and special nutrients & anti oxidations gives yield protection on crops by developing abiotic and biotic stress, by stopping flower dropping and by stopping cracking and rottenness of fruits.

  • Nano Technology Fertilisers
    Geolife offers wide range of nano technology based Macro and Micro Nutrients Water Soluble Fertilizers in different grades. The technology helps in higher giving better result in lower dosage. It also promotes fast action, more uptake and lower farmer cost in comparison to the conventional fertilizers.

  • Bio Stimulants
    Geolife offers some revolutionary product for accelerating the growth rate of the plants and resulting in higher yield with anti oxidant properties to built immunity in plants.

  • Organic Water Soluble Fertilizers
    Geolife offers a complete replacement to Chemical WSF. A first time in the world 100% Organic WSF with high % of NPK (in different grades) produced by using Microbial derivative. It helps in building and nourishing microbial population (Micro Flora) in the soil which is key to increase strength of soil and organic carbon content.

  • Crop Protection by Nutrition
    Geolife offers a combination of powerful Antioxidants which helps plant build immunity within itself to fight against broad-spectrum diseases.

  • Organic Crop Protection
    Geolife offers safe and effective organic inputs made of consortium of plant extracts that protects crop against different types of diseases and pests.

  • Soil Conditioner
    Geolife offers unique combination of microbial products and micronutrients, Silicic acid, root growing enzymes with organic preventive fungicides to promote deep rooting, vigorous root mass and help prevent root borne diseases.

  • Biologicals
    Geolife offers bio solutions for crops and soils. Special products for improving texture, structure and water holding capacity of soil by improving micronutrient status and plant health.

  • Organic Nutrients
    Geolife offers unique technology product based on Silicon nutrient. Silicon has recently been recognized as essential element in plant nutrition. It imparts immunity and strength.

  • Seeds
    Geolife continues to invest strongly in technology and marketing of high yielding hybrid seed varieties. State-of-the-art molecular markets technologies help broaden and deepen our germplasm base from conventional breeding for the development of temperate & tropical sustainable seed varieties. Geolife seeds improve yield by prompting early emergence, vigorous growth and high quality output. We have indigenous R&D centers, well equipped laboratories for seeds testing and efficient all- India network of field doctors and distributors.

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