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Flower Drop Arrester
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Flower Dropping / Abortion
Flower drop (known to some as “blossom drop”) is a relatively common problem faced by farmers growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cereals & pulses.
Flowers drops without forming of fruits leading to loss in yield.
Balance Nano helps in prevention of flower dropping which is directly related to increase in yields.
Flower Drop Arrester
Balance Nano is a unique combination of nutrients & special enzymes required for flower to provide complete nutrition during flowering stage.
It improves flower formation and ensures maximum fruit setting.
It provides proper nutrition to the flowers during flower development and reduces premature flower dropping and flower abortion.
Suitable for all crops.
Role of Flower Drop Arrester
50gm for 150-200 litres of water
Application Method
Crop Stage Dilution Application
All crop Active vegetative growth 1:4000 Foliar application
Flowering stage
Fruit setting stage