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Bio-fertilizer powered by HYT:
Bactogang is a bio-fertilizer contains live microorganisms, powered by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB) in micro- encapsulated form immobilized and suspended in water based liquid formulation. When applied to the soil, microbes in Bactogang begin colonization process in plant’s root zone
Advantage of Bactogang:
Highly efficient in solubilizing unavailable phosphate.
Sustains soil health by decomposing plant residues and stabilizing major nutrients.
Improves texture, structure and water holding capacity of soil.
Solubilizes & mobilizes all nutrients and makes available to plants in accordance to its nutritional demands for growth, yield increases and quality.
Broad spectrum product, works in a wide range of saturation, temperature and fertility levels. Manufactured by bio-fermentation process, no adverse effect on plant growth and soil fertility, non toxic, non-pathogenic and environment friendly.
Easy to store and use, with long shelf-life.
Mix 400 - 800ml of Bactogang / Acre
Method of application:
Apply on the root zone of crop through drenching, broadcasting with organic compost.