• Geolife Organics
    ‘Think Organic... Grow Organic... Eat organic...’
    We realize the importance & impact of ecological balance, environmental pollution, resource utilization and recycling & sustainable environment. Therefore we emphasize on developing eco-friendly & natural plant promoters for agriculture which are organic in nature. We aim to give high performance products to farmers for achieving significant and sustainable increase in agriculture production.

  • Geolife Seeds
    Geolife continues to invest strongly in technology and marketing of high yielding hybrid seed varieties. State-of-the-art molecular markets technologies help broaden and deepen our germplasm base from conventional breeding for the development of temperate & tropical sustainable seed varieties. Geolife seeds improve yield by prompting early emergence, vigorous growth and high quality output. We have indigenous R&D centers, well equipped laboratories for seeds testing and efficient all- India network of field doctors and distributors.
  • Geolife Healthcare
    Geolife Healthcare division is making a foray into the field of health care with a motto of "Striving for Quality Healthcare...Forever" Geolife Health care is known to provide quality pharma solution and services identified by our marketing channel. We apply science and our specialized resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of life. We strive to set the standard for quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacturing of medicines. We are also into third party manufacturing for many companies.
  • Geolife Chocolaka
    Every taste ... A brand-new thrill and A surprisingly affordable luxury

    A confectioneries division with a vision to create some of world's exquisite chocolate through traditional techniques. At

    Chocolaka we care and have passion for perfection that brings to chocolate and in turn to the people who savour it.

  • Geolife Naturals
    To provide its end user a complete 100% organic food, advanced and progressive farmers are selected for contract farming. Where these growers will be provided with complete package of practice with organic intakes of the crop, so that end product will be chemical free, residue free and at the same time beneficial for the health of the consumers and to the environment also.

  • Geolife Foundation
    Our mission drives us to touch lives of many who indirectly support us to achieve major milestones. Therefore we aim to give back to the society in which we exist and which evolves and transforms us. Geolife Foundation aims at bringing about a positive change in the life of as many people as possible. We endeavour to do so by providing an opportunity to all those inclined to serve society and make a difference. This opportunity presents itself in the form of volunteering with Geolife Foundation, participating in blood donation camps, clothes collection drives,
  • Geolife Pesticides
    Geolife offers wide range of pesticides, insecticides, bacteriacides, fungicides and herbicides manufactured in environment friendly facilities considering quality output as our important aspect.
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a. AgroChemEx, Shanghai. 29th-31st Oct, 2014.

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  • Farm Chemicals International Trade Summit, Las Vegas. 26th-28th Aug, 2014.
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  • Maharashtra Grape Growers Association, Pune, 24th-26th Aug, 2014.